According to Law 295/2004 on the regime of weapons and ammunition, the sale of weapons in categories II B, C, and D, which require authorization and notification according to Annex 1, is allowed only in authorized specialized stores.

Therefore, the purchase of firearms intended for hunting, sports shooting, self-defense, defense and security, utility, or collection, as well as air guns, must be made in person at our headquarters. To purchase these items, an authorization to purchase or, as appropriate, a notification certificate, as well as an ID card, are required.

The purchase of ammunition can only be made with a firearm permit, accompanied by an ID card.

Pellets for air guns can be purchased without restrictions and do not require any justifying documents.

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Custody of Weapons

Carrying a weapon in Romania is strictly regulated and in many cases particular attention must be paid when keeping certain types of weapon at home, which, although perfectly legal, still expose those who are in their possession to several checks, but above all to the risk of an attacker entering their personal armory and stealing them. For this reason it is very important that in the event that the proper safety of your weapons cannot be guaranteed at home, you must be able to rely on a professional service such as ours for the temporary custody of your weapons. What we offer is the protection of a special safe, where we keep all our weapons and those entrusted to us by the most loyal customers.

We provide these services for public institutions as well, services that can be procured through SEAP (Electronic System of Public Procurement), and are available in the Electronic Catalog (filtering by tax code 40071132 and/or reference number SDA / SDA2).

Weapons sale - only to gun permit holders

Sports shooting weapons - Hunting weapons - Gas weapons - Air guns - Airsoft pistols - Pump guns

Weapon design upgrade

! ONLY FROM THE ERGONOMIC AND DESIGN POINT OF VIEW ! - we do not modify the functionality of the weapons