The Decontamination Gate is used to disinfect surfaces possibly contaminated with pathogens, chimical materials, radioactive substances, which can be found on clothing, footwear, satchels, bags and other objects in the possession of persons entering institutions, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and so on.
Before entering the Tunnel / Decontamination Gate, the body temperature can be checked using the thermal scanner installed at the entrance to the tunnel, a device that is an integral part of the Tunnel / Decontamination Gate system.
The transition will be made in normal running rhythm, the photoelectric sensor detects the human presence, activates the pump, which through the nozzles sprays the dicontamination liquid for 1.5 seconds. It is possible to adjust the spray time up to 15 seconds.
The width of the tunnel is executed on the size of a single person, for an increased efficiency of the Tunnel / Disinfection Gate.

Product data sheet

Tunnel Frame / Decontamination Gate

Material used: square steel pipe with dimensions 15x15x1.5 mm;

Metal structure dimensions: length – 1315mm; width – 890mm; height – 2298mm;

Exterior structure and visual materials of the Tunnel / Decontamination Gate

Material used: 5mm thick PVC board; PVC sticker of different colors

Structure dimensions: length – 1325mm; width – 900mm; height – 2300mm.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – We can realize the Tunnel / Decontamination Gate at any dimension that the costumer order(length & width)